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Carbon Material

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Carbon is the major auxiliary material in producing aluminum ingot. It features low-ash, low-sulfur, high ductility and intensity. Chalco is the large enterprise of anode carbon block and semi-graphite cathode carbon block. Chalco Shandong Co., Ltd, Chalco Henan Branch, Chalco Guizhou Branch, Chalco Qinghai Branch, Shanxi Huaze Aluminum & Power Co., Ltd., Chalco Guangxi Branch, Chalco Lanzhou Branch, Fushun Aluminum Co., Ltd, Shandong Huayu Aluminum & Power Co., Ltd., Gansu Hualu Aluminum Co., Ltd and Baotou Aluminum Co., Ltd could all produce anode carbon block, anode paste, semi-graphite cathode carbon block and semi-graphite cathode paste with the capacity of 2 million ton per annum. The products are widely applied in aluminum smelting and other metallurgical industries. The products win prestigious reputation both at home and abroad and are exported to countries and regions in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.


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