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来源: 中国铝业公司时间: 2014-02-01

Gallium is dusty blue or silver metal which features low melting point and high boiling point. It is an important raw material in semiconductor and LED industries. It serves as packing material of high-reading thermometer and catalyst of two esterification in organic reaction. Pure gallium and its low-melting point alloy can be used as heat exchange medium in nuclear reaction.

In recent years, the industry of compound chip of gallium arsenide rapidly expends in China and drives continued growth of gallium demand. In 2015, the supply volume of global primary and recycled gallium was 420 ton while the consumption volume was 301 ton, among which the production volume of primary gallium in China was 320 ton. Chalco has the capacity of 160 ton, ranking first globally. The production of gallium is available at Chalco Henan Branch, Chalco Guangxi Branch, Zunyi Alumina Co., Ltd and Chalco Shanxi Branch. Chalco Henan Branch has long been dedicated to the R&D of gallium related products, and its 6N gallium products enjoy stable quality, establishing good brand image.


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