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  Chalco has established a well-coordinated, orderly and efficient marketing management system by setting up the marketing department at the corporate level, sales departments in subsidiaries, and sales companies in major consuming places, thus forming a national sales network.  Currently, Chinalco has 18 sales departments in subsidiaries and branches, and three sales companies, specifically Shanghai Chalco Kailin Aluminum Co Ltd, Chalco Foshan Trading Co Ltd, Chalco Chongqing Sales Co. ltd, which are in charge of marketing, product sales, services providing and customer relations management in China. In terms of import and export, China Aluminum International Trading Co Ltd (“Chalco Trading”) and its affiliated Chalco Shandong International Trading Co Ltd, Chalco Henan International Trading Co Ltd, Chalco Qinghai International Trading Co Ltd jointly constitute the import and export system of Chalco, taking charge of product market development, sales and customer service in the international market.
  Chalco follows the marketing philosophy of Top Service Foremost Based on Honesty with orientation of market. Through the services before, during and after sales, Chalco works hard to create value for customers. Our goal is to achieve 100 percent of customer satisfaction.


  Alumina is the primary raw material for production of aluminum ingot. Featuring light dusting, good liquidity, fine solubility, and strong absorption of fluoride, it is used for producing aluminum metal with molten salt electrolytic methods and is the important raw material for producing corundum, ceramic and refractory materials. Chalco Shangdong branch, Henan branch, Guizhou branch, Shanxi branch, Guangxi branch and Zhongzhou branch all produce alumina with total capacity of 9 million tons per year.

Remelted Aluminum Ingot

  Remelted aluminum ingot is the main raw material for producing aluminum products. It is an environment-friendly metal material with heat and  electric conductivity, and light, corrosion-resisting,malleable and recycling features, which enable its wide use in many sectors like construction, electricity, packaging, transportation and daily consumption products. Companies under Chalco that produce remelted aluminum ingots are: Shandong branch, Henan branch, Guizhou branch, Guangxi branch, Qinghai branch, Zhengzhou Research Institute, Lanzhou Aluminum Co Ltd, Shanxi Huaze Aluminum and Electricity Co Ltd, Shanxi Huasheng Aluminum Co Ltd, Fushun Aluminum Co Ltd, Jiaozuo Wanfang Aluminum Co Ltd, Zunyi Aluminum Co Ltd, Shandong Huayu Aluminum and Electricity Co Ltd, Gansu Hualu Aluminum Co Ltd and Tongchuan Xinguang Aluminum Co Ltd, Liancheng Aluminum Co Ltd, with total production capacity of 3 million tons per year.

Alumina Chemicals

  Alumina chemicals refer to aluminum hydroxide, alumina and aluminum compounds on top of the alumina for producing aluminum ingot. Alumina chemicals are widely used in artificial plate, wires and cables, ceramic, refractory materials, detergent and petrochemical industries. Chalco Shandong branch, Henan branch, Zhongzhou branch, Guizhou branch and Zhengzhou Research Institute all produce alumina chemicals.

Carbon Material

  Carbon material is the main auxiliary material for producing aluminum ingot. It features low content of ash and sulfur, good formability and high strength. Chalco is the largest producer of carbon anode block and semi-graphitic cathode carbon block in China. Chalco’s Shandong branch, Henan branch, Guizhou branch, Guangxi branch, Qianghai branch, Shanxi Huatai Carbon Co Ltd, Shanxi Huaze Aluminum and Electricity Co Ltd, Lanzhou Aluminum Co Ltd, Fushun Aluminum Co Ltd, Jiaozuo Wanfang Aluminum Manufacturing Co Ltd, Fushun Aluminum Corp Ltd, Shandong Huayu Aluminum and Electricity Co Ltd, Gansu Hualu Aluminum Co Ltd, Baotao Aluminum Group Co and Liancheng Aluminum Co Ltd all produce carbon products including carbon anode block, anode paste, semi-graphitic cathode carbon block and semi-graphitic cathode paste, with production capacity of about 12 million tons per year. The products are widely used in electrolytic aluminum industry and other metallurgical industries. They enjoy great reputation not only in China but also abroad with products sold to places as far as Europe, America, and Southeast Asian countries, winning plenty of favorable feedbacks from customers.

High Purity Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

 High purity aluminum and aluminum alloys are advanced processing products, which are widely used in industries as aviation and aerospace, electronics and electricity, transportation and light industry building materials. The main producers are Chalco Shandong branch, Guizhou branch and Baotou Aluminum Co Ltd. Currently, Chalco owns advanced processing products such as high purity aluminum, refined aluminum ingot for remelting, round aluminum rod for electrical purposes, aluminum ingots for wires, deoxidized aluminum for steelmaking, 6063 aluminum alloy, rare earth aluminum alloys and other alloys with various specifications.

Gallium Metal and Gallium Oxide

 Gallium metal is the primary raw material for making semi-conductor materials such as gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide, gallium antimonide. It can also be mixed with elements like germanium and silicon for producing semi-conductor, or used to make gallium oxide, gadolinium-gallium garnet as storage and memory components. Producers are Chalco Shandong branch, Henan branch, Guizhou branch and Shanxi branch.

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